5 Reasons Men Should Be Grateful for Their Sexual Energy and Not Misuse it

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5 Reasons Men Should Be Grateful for Their Sexual Energy and Not Misuse it

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A man’s sexual energy is a powerful thing, it can create or it can destroy, that choice is up to US as men.

Over the past year I’ve become fascinated with my own sexual energy,

A while ago I made a decision to stop mastubating regularly, as many young men have grown up doing, I also stopped watching porn years ago. Now the only time I will usually ‘release’ this sexual energy is during sex with my partner.

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This decision was one of the best I’ve ever made, harnessing and learning about my sexual energy has taught me so much. It often takes me on quite a roller coaster ride and has tested me a fair few times, dealing with its sometimes overwhelming energy has truly led me to grow as a man and become grateful for my sexual energy.

The thing is—most men don’t deal with sexual energy well.

Let me explain, many boys and men do all they can to release sexual energy from their bodies. The reason for this is that it’s simply stuck, so it feels like an overwhelming desire to be released in the form of horniness, they never take the time to learn to breathe it around their body.

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They masturbate to porn the minimum of …. well …. daily. Some guys constantly demand sex and become aggressive if it’s not accepted by their lovers, some men are angry and some men are all ego and ‘stuck in their head’ they also become frustrated, they become what I call ‘in a cloud of sexual frustration’ which is when the sexual energy builds up too much.

I know this from what I’ve felt myself. It almost feels like being ‘hangry’, I’m sure you know the feeling of irritability when you haven’t eaten? Well it’s that, but with more powerful energy behind it.

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So the cloud comes down, then it’s hard to get out. But it’s our responsibility to get out, it’s our choice what we create with that sexual energy.

Many men abuse the gift they have been given, many men have little understanding of the power force within them, many men struggle and are controlled by this energy.

Over time, I’ve noticed my sexual energy has created a variety of feelings inside me, it has created power inside me, it has created more strength in my muscles, I’ve felt the increase in my creativity, I’ve noticed my cravings to ravish my woman, I’ve noticed the frustration it has brought me if it’s not possible to have sex when it has built up inside me, I’ve noticed the loss of energy when it’s released at the wrong time, I’ve noticed the difference when I have a lot and when I don’t and many more.

Let’s just say this: sexual energy is powerful.

FIVE reasons we as men must be grateful for it:

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It gives us a masculine edge

Sexual energy is the driving force behind our masculinity. It gives us strength to do the things we do, it gives us courage to go forth with our wants and desires in the world, it gives us our power as men. This same energy was in the strength of the men that stood upon the battlefield with swords and had the courage to fight for their land, families and honour. I don’t advocate war or violence, but this example of masculine edge can be put into anything we want, it’s our responsibility to make the right choices with it and use it to create fearlessness and courage to stand strong in our values and beliefs pushed forth by the greatest source of energy a man has.


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Give it a Break to the Problems:

Living on a fast food, our generation wants everything fast. We need quick fix for everything. We want shortcuts to the destination. If we did not get that, we curse fortune and ourselves. We start experiencing pain, stress or loneliness.

Just because one thing is not working for you, do not spend all your time crying about it. Leave it for a while and focus on other things. If you do not seem to find a solution, give it a break.

For an example, if you are not getting a decent job, keep preparing and have a break between. If a relationship does not working for you, take a break worrying about it. If your business meeting did not go as expected, do not ruin your rest of the day and take a break.

Do not forget to press your Happiness button

During break, do not forget to press your happiness button. There could be different form of happiness button for everyone. Play your favourite music track for a while. Go and have a walk for a while. Read a latest novel or something. Go for a movie or play your favourite sport.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~ Dalai Lama

When you switched on your happiness, it refreshes and boosts your mind’s power. You will feel more powerful to deal with the circumstances. Big problems seem little. You get to know that it is just the matter of time and everything will be all right.


Share happiness:

Do you share happiness? It does not take much effort or time. Your one smile can share happiness around you. Spread the fragrance of happiness with your surroundings. As Mother Teresa said, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

Life is hard for those who treat themselves as a victim of life. Life is fun for those who take it easy and find moments to laugh every day. No matter what worries you have, you can still find happiness around you. If you know how to find it, your problems will start hating you and go straight away.

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One happiness moment leads to more happiness:

Happiness leads to happiness and sadness create sadness. It flows like a river, once you direct it. Suppose, one thing went wrong and it spoils your moments. Now if you forget to press your happiness button for long time, it will spoil your whole day.

Similarly, few happiness moments can leads to overflow of happiness. Let us create some happiness in the morning and you will be happy and delighted whole day.

Another way to create happiness is to make others happy. Give happiness and you will experience the bliss and joy. Spread happiness and smile around you. The more you give, the more it comes back to you.

There is not good or bad time for happiness. You can always find it. No matter how much darkness is there, one candle is just enough to spread light. Always remember to flame your happiness candle in life.

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