About us- Harnessing sustainable energy

Ecofinity is an organisation that was founded in 2021 to help realise the objective of creating a community where sustainable energy is being promoted.

As the name suggests “eco” refers to the ecosystem as a whole and the environment as a single unit. While finity refers to self sufficiency. Our objectives are being realised via several programs such as the “Area F24” and EC010. All of these programs are aligned to see that Ecofinity’s objectives and mission are accomplished progressively.


Our mission is creating a community where sustainable energy is encouraged via creativity, sensitisation and education.

Programs that demonstrate our mission

Self sustainable unit; star In this program we are going to create certain communities powered completely by sustainable energy. An example of this will be starting with 6 hectares that have been purchased in a secured location. Participating members of our program will have access to the entire details.

The first unit in this experiment is called Area F24, this unit is the process of becoming a completely self sufficient and sustained community;

-The electricity is powered by solar panels and wind turbans.

-Water is pulled up from the soil via a borehole system

-Some of the buildings are designed constructed using wood and mud from the same unit.

-Water is also collected from the rain.

Generate power to possess wealth; In a community where solar energy is encouraged it is also important that individuals or inhabitants should be able to spend an additional unit apart from money.

Therefore, we created the ability to inhabitants for spend based on their ability to generate and share energy. This is only valid for the inhabitants that have subscribed to this program. They can as well take loans based on their ability to generate power.

Store: In our store we promote sustainable energy in the unit and the world at large by selling solar panels, systems for sustainable energy , services related to sustainable energy and other products and services that can enable people live a healthy and vibrant life.

Expert Partners Agree

“There is no type of energy that is more sustainable than living in a home of your own, powered by electricity of your own, the water of your own and food of your own. There is really such a thing as a free gift of nature when we start thinking and harnessing sustainable sources of energy”

HERNY ROSE • Fan of Sustainable energy

“The sun does not only supply us with vitamins or dry our clothes. It also enriches our plants and powers up our houses when we capture these units of electricity with simple solar panels. I appreciate the synthesis that Ecofinitty is creating. Many shall get inspired and empowered by this program.”


Trusted Partners