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Exclusive Furniture

De Mota, an Ibiza luxurious brand has partnered up with us to provide beautiful furniture to people who can afford high quality furniture..

Get the best quality furniture, from the the best brands-  super service at best prices- Ships within 48 hours in Ibiza.  

INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS: We study each case and do the project in accordance with the clients’ expectation & needs. We interpret the ideas of our clients and create living spaces in complete harmony with the souls of those who will encounter them. WORKSHOP: We make the wishes of our customers happen.

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Everything is Possible- Trending furniture in Ibizza

High quality 

long-life, guarantees, very professional consulting, Discounts, handling possible by email to customers who are far away (3D, etc.) and widespread knowledge about material- advantages and disadvantages on the island (concerning salt, sun, humility, etc.), full post-selling-service by us, maintenance of furniture by us.
Really tailor-made solutions, putting heart and soul into it, possibility to do personalised objects by our workshop; working hand in hand with workshop and construction crew, handling possible by email, zoom, whatsapp to customers who are far away (sometimes the client didn’t stay on Ibiza in the whole process of refurbishment.
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