Don’t wait for Perfection, Start Now!

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Don’t wait for Perfection, Start Now!

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When we have dreams, we have a passion. When we have a passion, we want to do it with perfection.

Often, when we have some goals, we want to start it with a blast. We want to become an overnight star. We want to achieve best as soon as possible. But things take time. It gets better with the time, but the key is to start as soon as possible.

What happens is that we have an idea, which we think can change our or someone’s life instantly. But we don’t work on it until we have favorable situations. We wait for more time and more resources. And, one day someone else built a product on that idea and we regret.

We have heard this statement, “Ohh I also had the same idea, but could not start.”

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How perfection often turns out our biggest enemy?

Initially, once an idea enters into our mind, it takes a lot of time. We don’t have sufficient information initially. We have some doubt in your mind and the worst of all is that you want to start it perfect. No, that is not possible most of the time. This feeling of “I will do it perfect” often stops us before we start.

Think for a while, how much time we waste before making the first move towards our goal. What happens is this. You were about to start and then you realize that You can do it better. You stop it between and say that I will do it tomorrow in a better way.

Few day passed and you lost interest in that idea. It could be your business idea or something about your dream.

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How to handle the thought of being perfect?

Look for perfection. That is fine. Try to do things as good as possible. That is all right. But don’t stop doing it because you cannot do it perfectly. Take a step and keep learning. You will get better while doing it.
Perfection? It is on everybody’s mind. Once I will switch my current job, I will pursue my dream. Once I will earn this much, I will start my business. Once I will have more time, I will start going to the gym. Once I will have fewer responsibilities, I will start enjoying my life.

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Be determined with your decisions:

Determination is about the strength of your mind to get going even when a situation does not favours you. The bigger your dream or goals is, the more you get into trouble. Every problem is a form of challenge and opportunity to grow.

Whenever you feel like falling or when things are not happening as expected, say to yourself, “This may take little longer, but it will happen.”

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How perfection has destroyed your dream.

Here is another example:

You want to become an artist such as a singer, writer, painter or anything. Suppose, you got a chance to participate in an event and showcase your ability. If you try to find an excuse that you have not prepared well. That means you are waiting perfection. Don’t just miss the opportunity.

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Why do we keep changing goals in our Life?

We decide something. We work on it enthusiastically. Then we encounter challenges and our passion starts diminishing. Soon we think we are not capable enough and we quit. We take up another goal and the same follows.

Actually, when we take any decision, we are very sure about its success but nature always has plans to test our determination.

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Are you the only one who dreams big?

Do you think that you are one of few who dream big? No. Most of the world dares to dream to become millionaire. There are many who want to become famous in the world. Many dreams big dreams in their life. However, most of them fail. Why? Actually, after a little effort, it seems tough or impossible with the time.

Winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. We fail because we lack determination. If we check, it is not only that we fail at big things. We fail daily at small things for the same reason: determination.

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OK! It’s done. It is all right if it was not perfect. Keep Learning:

We went for an interview, but it did not go well.

We are just back from holiday trip, but few things left to explore.

We are just back from a movie which we went with high expectations, but it turned out lesser than that (or disaster).

It is OK if it was not perfect.

We often end up with disappointment, because we or something under-performed our expectations. Things don’t always happens in our way. Life is exciting, because it is unpredictable. The secret of lasting happiness is to enjoy the journey and never stop learning. As Eugene Delacroix said, “The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.”

Therefore, it is all right if you do not sing perfect. It is all right, if you don’t play perfectly. It is wise to accept that we cannot excel at everything. Keep doing it as long as you like it. Keep moving and Keep enjoying.

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