We don't only help the bereft- We help pets as well.

At instamarkt we have partnered with some rescues and breeders to help bereft pets and animals.

Find below a list of available pets. Currently we have 2 Yorkiepoo dogs. 

Our required donations are as follows:

$800 – To help you in rehoming your pet.

$50 – Helping you to find a pet, in case it’s not available above.

$500 – Estimated shipping fees

You could spend up-to $1350 for the entire process

These fees go into:

-Supporting expenses for our rehoming program.

-Donations to other rescues or rehoming programs in need.

– Insurance that your pet is okay.

All donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible.

In the images above are Jake and Jazz a bonded pair.(Brothers)

They weigh 14 lbs and are 7 years old. Searching for a new home and family. 

They are well trained, and ready to love their new family.

Get more info about our available pets or request a pet that is not above.