Richest electronic engineers in the world

1.Jeff Bezos

Reported Wealth: $116.4 billion
Source: Amazon Inc.
Alma Mater: Princeton University (electrical engineering and computer science)

Entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer Jeff Bezos decided to quit his finance career in 1994 to pursue his dream. Before creating his internet-based company Amazon, Bezos worked on Wall Street with many different companies.

He started with Fitel, a telecommunication company, then switched to the Bankers Trust to develop their networking architecture. His last job was at D. E. Shaw & Co as a technical engineer.

  1. Bernard Arnault

Reported Wealth: $112.7 billion
Source: LVMH, Louis Vuitton
Alma Mater: ÉcolePolytechnique, France

Bernard Arnault is a French businessman and the chairman and CEO of LVMH, a multinational luxury goods company. He holds a bachelor’s engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnic. Arnault controls some of the most famous internationally known luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Cristian Dior.

  1. Bill Gates

Reported Wealth: $108.9 billion
Source: Microsoft Corporation, Cascade Investments, Berkshire Hathaway
Alma Mater: Harvard College (Honorary)

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, remains one of the most influential personalities in the technology sector.

Even though he didn’t complete his graduation at Harvard University, his extraordinary works in the field of computer sciences led him to gain an honorary degree. After leaving Microsoft, Gates pursued numerous philanthropic endeavors. So far, he has donated more than $35 billion to various scientific research programs and charitable organizations through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  1. Carlos Slim Helu
Photographer: Chris Goodney/Bloomberg 
Reported Wealth: $62.6 billionSource: GrupoCarso, Diversified
Alma Mater: National Autonomous University of Mexico (Civil Engineering)
Carlos Slim is a Mexican businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He remained the richest person on earth from 2010 to 2013 until Bill gates took over that position. Currently, he is the Chairman and CEO of Telmex, America Movil, Samsung Mexico through his investment firm GrupoCarso.
Mark Zuckerberg

Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Reported Wealth: $76.9 billion
Source: Facebook Corporation
Alma Mater: Harvard University (Honorary)

At the age of 34, he is currently the youngest person to accumulate this much wealth. He started Facebook from his dorms of Harvard University along with Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and two other college friends.

It was all for fun until Zuckerberg decided to expand it to other schools and universities. Six years after moving to Palo Alto, California, Facebook reported that they have a 500 million user base.

He reached a billion mark in 2008 and four years later, the company’s IPO spiked his total worth like never before. In 2017, he was awarded an honorary degree from Harvard after dropping out of college in the second year of his engineering course.

  1. Larry Page

Reported Wealth: $61.3 billion
Source: Alphabet Inc.
Alma Mater: University of Michigan and Stanford University (Computer Engineering)

Alongside Sergey Brin, Larry Page founded Google, the flagship company of Alphabet Inc., which they established 21 years. The duo met each other in the classrooms of Stanford University while pursuing their honorary degrees. He is the inventor of Google’s most famous search ranking algorithm PageRank.

  1. MukeshAmbani

Reported Wealth: $60 billion
Source: Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)
Alma Mater: Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT), India (Chemical Engineering)

For the last twelve years, MukeshAmbani has remained the wealthiest person in India. His Reliance Industries (not to be confused with Reliance Group, which is owned by his brother Anil Ambani) garnered a staggering annual revenue of $60 billion in 2018, making one of the biggest jumps in the Fortune 500 ranking (from 203 to 148).

The company was initially founded by his father DhirubhaiAmbani in the early 1960s, for which young Mukesh had to leave his MBA midway after completing his graduation in chemical engineering from an Indian institute. Since 2014, he and his family are living in ‘Antilla’, the world’s most expensive house that costs nearly $2 billion.

  1. Sergey Brin

Reported Wealth: $60.1 billion
Source: Alphabet Inc.
Alma Mater: University of Maryland and Stanford University (Computer Engineering)

At the age of 6, Sergey Brin along with his family immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union. He enrolled at the University of Maryland to study Mathematics and Computer Science.

It was during his time at Stanford University, he met his business partner and fellow billionaire Larry Page, both of whom changed the way how the internet works with a web search engine. Brin is widely credited for developing data mining techniques which they later used to develop Google.

9. Michael Bloomberg

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Reported Wealth: $56.1 billion
Source: Bloomberg L.P
Alma Mater: Johns Hopkins University (Electrical Engineering)

Michael Bloomberg is an American politician, businessman and the 108th Mayer of New York City. He founded the Bloomberg L.P., a financial data and Media Company. After completing his graduation in engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 1964 and an MBA from Harvard Business School, he started his Wall Street career at Solomon Brothers as a securities broker.

It took him almost ten years to establish his own company, which was initially named Innovative Market Systems, but it was changed once the business gained pace. His company launched its trademark Bloomberg Terminal in the 1980s, which by 2015 crossed 325,000 annual subscribers worldwide.

  1. Charles Koch

Bo Rader/Wichita Eagle/MCT

Reported Wealth: $45 billion
Source: Koch Industries
Alma Mater: MIT (Nuclear engineering)

Charles Koch is the elder brother of David Koch and currently serves as the CEO of Koch industries. Even though he was born into a wealthy family, he faced many struggles in the early years. In an interview, Charles described how badly his father wanted him to work hard, like the most deprived person in the world. He holds a bachelor’s degree in general engineering, and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering.

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