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Best Earbuds/Headphones 2020, all our headsets work well with Samsung, Iphone, Android etc
“The earbuds played on for 3 hours without heating. thanks” Sarah – Ohio
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Indeed a great buy. These are original earphones and originals are very difficult to find on eBay.


Great AirPods!

The best things about this air pods are the wireless features and hands-free Siri. The sound quality is terrific and the set up is pretty much very simple. The earphone stays in your ear pretty well even doing a simple exercise. I love wearing it everywhere. I’m just afraid I might forget about it if I had left it in my jacket and ends up in the washing machine. Overall it was a good buy!


Great gift purchase

This was a great gift purchase! It came in new condition, as described and ahead of time too! It pairs well with iphones and has been a life changer for the gift recipient. It’s useful to have when you want to make calls with someone and do something active– for example, doing yoga together during your call without having to worry about headphone cords tangling you in a deadly knot.The sound quality is great. When buying this for someone else, be sure to check if they even have a wireless charger before buying the wireless version. I made the mistake of not doing this, and just ended up paying for an extra feature. The wireless airpods do have the ability to charge with a regular cord as well, so it’s not the worst mistake but will cost you some money. Otherwise, it was a great buy!