Take the First Step toward Your Dream

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Take the First Step toward Your Dream

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When we realize our dreams, life asks us to do something about it. Then, it is essential to take the first step toward your dream journey. However, the hardest part of journey is this first step.

What is the first step for you? Let me clear one thing. The first step is not just thinking about your dream. Here, first step means one action step that lay down a foundation for your dream. Most of the failures in this world occur just before this first step.

Take an example. If you want to be a writer, just thinking about it will not make you one. Take first step and Start writing. If you cannot, learn it first. Join a class. Attend an event or Read a book. Do not just sit idle. You can start small.

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You can become anything if you start working on it. The only limitation you have in your mind. If you do not step forward, you will stay at the same place. As Liz Smith said, “Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.”

Why it is important to Begin?

When our dreams are fresh, we are excited about them. Even just thinking about it can feel you with passion. At that time, we build many plans in our mind. As time go by, motivation factor gets diminishing. Why? Because, we keep think a lot and do not go beyond thinking.

In the beginning, many fear factors stop us to make early decisions. Sometimes our doubt and sometimes there is fear of failure prevent us to begin. Remember:

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What are the aspects that stop us taking our first step? Let us recognize and start working on them today.

Why it is important to take the First Step toward Your Dreams:

You will get out of your Comfortable Zone: You are not able to begin because it may take you to the uncomfortable zone. Remember, the highest growth lie when you get out of your comfortable zone. Get out and Fly high.
You will learn along the Journey: You may fear starting something because you do not know much about the required skills. It is all right. Nobody is perfect here as perfection is a lifelong process. You may learn faster once the journey of your dreams start.
You take one step, God will take two: If you take one step toward your destination, God will take two steps to help you. However, you have to be patience in the beginning and keep going.

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You Vision will become clear: Do you have doubt in your potential? Once you will take action, all your doubts go away. You will be able to see your goal clearly. If your actions are not motivating you, it is not for yours. If you still doubt yourself, stop it. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, do something that passionate you.
You will lose your Fear of Failure: When you start something, not everything goes as expected. Failures happen in life. It is all right to fail but never repeat the same mistake. Failures always offer us biggest lessons of life. May be without that failure you could never explore some dimensions. As Japanese proverb, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”
You will see Unlimited Opportunities: Sometimes we give up our dreams because we do not see much opportunity. In the beginning of anything, we cannot really estimate the scope. Today, the world is full of opportunities that were never exists earlier. You will see plenty of ways proceeding to your dream when you take the first step.

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Identify your Talent:

As Buddha said, “Everyone is gifted here, but some of us never opened their package”. Have you opened your package?

Where can you find your talent? You can find it in your hobbies. You may be born with some natural gift. You can find your talent in your skills acquired during education. It may be in the form of writing, speaking, programming, designing, painting, singing, or managing employees or customer. It may be decorating home or cooking. It could be anything.

Sometimes we simply ignore our talent because it seems an ordinary thing to us. For an example as a homemaker, you prepare food for your family. You know that you cook well and you like it doing. Therefore, you might be asking yourself, “How can it be a talent? This is my regular work and every homemaker like me is doing it.”

There should be no question to talent as big, small or ordinary talent. A talent is a talent. If anyone asks you, what your talent is? Say it proudly that, “I can cook well”. If you appreciate your talent, you give it a new direction to evolve. You never know where it may take you in your life.

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If you have finished your education and do not yet know your talent, you are getting too late. If you are doing business or pursing job and do not know your talent, you are fooling yourself. One third of your life already passed and you do not know what you really want to do in this world?

Do not wait too long. Trust your instinct and follow your heart. Identify once and trust on it. You can always sharp your talent by learning required skills later.

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Use your talent:

It is Showtime now; use your talent. Once you identify your calling of heart, do not sit idle. Do not hold your talent waiting for the perfect time or more opportunities. As Ivan Panin said, “Not he deserves praise that has talents, but he that uses them.”

Talent will not work, if you do not. It will not inspire you if you do not take any action about it. The joy is not in dreaming about your talent, but in using that talent. Use your talent. Take the first step and explore the dimensions.

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At the Goodwill Charity, our mission goes beyond supporting people who are experiencing financial difficulties to also supporting people who need a push in the right direction. We offer motivational and emotional counselling to anyone who seeks it. Click here to read more.

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Our primary mission is helping people who suffer from the loss of their beloved but can’t afford funeral expenses due to unforeseen circumstances.

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