The Right Motivation is What You Need

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The Right Motivation is What You Need

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The big difference between the people who have dreams and one who are actually working on them is, Motivation.

Some people like you, keep themselves motivated every day. They study about their dreams, plan and take some actions towards them. Motivation is important factor to get going. But sometimes motivation does not work as expected. You spent lot of time reading online or books, but it does not make much difference. Your life seem to be at the same place as it was yesterday and then you give up after some time thinking that it cannot be changed.

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It can be true for anything, for example, if you want more happiness in life or want a healthy relationship or want to achieve some financial dream.

Do you see yourself today at the same place where you were yesterday, why?


“Motivation is just not enough; Right Motivation is what you need” ~

For example, if I am looking for the happiness, how much help I can get from “Time Power” by Brian Tracy. And if I am striving for Time management, how helpful “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” will be.

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Let me tell you my own story regarding recognizing the right motivation.

I have been fond of self help and motivational books. I have read plenty of books regarding to happiness, productivity, time management, success and other areas. No doubt, I am really benefited with all of them. But it does not happened with the very first book.

Initially, when I started reading books I was just looking for any motivational book (from bestseller authors) in any book shop. I was so excited to feed for my motivation that, I did not care about the kind of motivation I was reading. Sometime it was little helpful, but most of the time It was not making a much difference (in the area I want), and sometimes it was taking a lot of time to finish that.

After sometime, I realized books that are making the real difference are those related to area where I want to do something. Then, I started focusing on specific subject. If I want more happiness, I looked at books on that subject. Even, it helped me reading fast and finishes it off.

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Identify your right motivation:

Be specific about the kind of motivation you are looking for.

If you are looking for more happiness, seek out for Happiness books. If you are looking for creative idea to start your business, then hunt for the creativity books and if you are looking for better health ask books related to them.

Another thing I learned at that time was:

“Never judge a book by its title”

When you start reading some book, you are giving your time (actually part of your life) to that. So choose wisely. Don’t just go by its title. Read the summary in the back cover at least, it will give you much idea, what author wants to say in that book? If it sounds good to you, go get it.

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Never stop reading:

If you are not able to find the right book for you, just don’t stop reading, instead start experiment.

Try books with different categories. There are enough. And you will start realizing the right book for you when start experimenting with them. The book you will find more interesting and you just don’t able to put it on table are book for you. If you not able to finish book you have picked since long time, it is time to try something new. Never wait long time to finish a book, pick another one.

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Be the Driver of Your Life Bus

Life is passing moment by moment. And we will never know when we will be close to the end of our life.

How old you are? Have you lived your life the way you want? Or are you planning this for the future?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee for the future. What we have in our hand is today. We are all riding in a bus called Life Bus getting into some direction. If you know that it is not going to the direction you want, you need to change its direction today because tomorrow it will too late.

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Most of us spend their today just to make today’s living. While some sacrifice their today to secure their future. Only a few of us not only work for future but also live their life today as well.

We all going through the life journey, but often we don’t realize who is driving our Life Bus. We just let others drive our life bus. Think, it could be your boss, your family or friends. We take back seat and become victim of life journey. We go where things around us make us go.

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We think we don’t have power to change the things. This is not the way. Get up and Take the driver seat. If your life bus is not going to your destination, change the direction. Don’t just be victim of your life, be the driver. Be the creator. Create your own life and create your own destiny.

You are here on the earth to do something great. Ask, your heart knows very well what it is. You have all the potential. You are supposed to live an extraordinary life. There are no other powerful living being as human. So what are you waiting for? Every moment passing will never come again.

There were countless people like you who think they will change the world in future but it never came. Only few of them realized the value of today.

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” ~ Braveheart

Are you expecting for better circumstances after 5 or 10 year. Perfect time never comes. Read the biography of any great person from the history. It was never perfect everything for them when they started. But once they started things started happening. They did not accept what they do not want from life. They strived for what they want and eventually got it by working on it every day. They were the driver of their life bus.

Don’t wait so long. By that time, your life bus could have gone far away and may be you have to come back a long distance to start your life journey again. And you will never have much time then.

What you want from your life. How you want to be remembered. What difference you want to make in this world. Wake up and work for it.

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