Walk Your Talk… One Step at a Time

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Walk Your Talk… One Step at a Time

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Do you claim health is important to you–then skip the gym for 6 weeks? Do you believe being productive is important, but work only on the night before a deadline? Do you believe relationships are important, but let your social life stagnate? How do you close that gap between what you value and how you behave?

Blogging has helped me close that gap by forcing me to walk my talk. I’m far from perfect. Like everyone, I make mistakes and often fail to live up to the things I consider important. But writing has made it easier to stay consistent with those values instead of falling into excuses.

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Progress, Not Perfection

Imperfections are part of life. I think it’s sad that some people feel that because being perfectly consistent with your values is impossible, that there is no point trying to debug the inconsistencies. Some self-improvement cynicism is the result of demanding the impossible, expecting perfection instead of progress.

My goal has been to notice gaps between my philosophy of life and my behaviors. I’m certainly nowhere near perfection, but even in just a few years of deliberately pursuing this strategy, I’ve made improvements.

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How to Gradually Debug Your Inconsistencies

Unlike a computer program, your software can never have zero-defects. Instead, try to think of self-improvement as trying to reach 98% bug-free. You will inevitably fail to meet your values some of the time, but those errors won’t matter too much in the long run.

In order to effectively debug your inconsistencies, you need the right tools. There are many different strategies to debug, but I’d like to share a few tools that were “Aha!” moments for myself. These tools were the difference between using a scalpel and a blunt club for my own debugging:

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30 Day Trials. Commit to an idea for thirty days, every day. If you mess up on Day 29, you go back to the start. This tool has been invaluable for me in changing many different habits. I’ve probably done over two dozen of these since I first heard of them from Steve Pavlina.

Writing out Goals. A goal doesn’t matter unless it is on paper. This applies to simple goals like “Exercise tomorrow” as much as it applies to big goals like “Become a millionaire.” Before I started writing out my goals, it was only my emotional compass that would decide whether something would get done that day.

Breaking Down Fears. If something terrifies you, chop it into pieces you can swallow. Public speaking was an area I took one speech at a time, taking on larger audiences and more difficult presentations. Training your courage like a muscle was a better strategy for me than relying on willpower.

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I’m still finding new tools, but the fact that this list is small shows that self-improvement doesn’t need to be overly complicated. One good tool, if practiced, can debug a large range of problems.

Nobody can be perfect. But there is still immense value you can get from debugging those inconsistencies. Making the gap between your walk and your talk a little bit smaller.

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Effect of Circumstances and Situations:

Some people play the game of their life as per their own rules while some simply respond to the surroundings. Remember: No matter how hard the circumstances are, you have the power to override them. Your circumstances are powerless without your power.

Why we become a slave of circumstances sometimes? We feel like victim when things go out of control. God gives you problem as per your capacity you know. Next time when a challenge appears in life, think yourself more powerful than the problem. As Charles F. Lummis said, “I am bigger than anything that can happen to me.”

Difficulties in life exist to make us strong. Once you know this art of life, you can deal with any challenge. Once you go through difficulties, you become a different person. Learn to learn from trouble and let it go.

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Choose Thoughts wisely:

Everyone has different nature in the world. What makes a person character as it is? Circumstances? No. You must have seen people with different set of attitudes in the same conditions. What makes one different from other is their way of thinking and the way of thinking create different way of life.

Are you aware of the power of thoughts? Thoughts make all the difference in the personality. They can be destructive and constructive. Based on these thoughts we react or respond to the situations in life. And, depending on the qualities of thoughts our life turn up or down.

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

The good news is, we can choose our thoughts and so the quality of our life. Once you become aware of the facts that you can take control of your mind, you can control your life. You can live a life of your purpose.

You cannot always control your mind forcefully. Treat it like a child. As you deal with a child with love and compassion, do it with your mind. Meditation can help in a great way.

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Your beliefs for Life:

Beliefs formed over the time since we born. In the “Awaken the giant within”, Tony Robbins says once we form a belief, we filter each of the information based on those beliefs. We rarely questions to our beliefs. What we believe is more important to us than what we see.

If you have self-limiting beliefs, you will keep underestimating yourself. The only thing can break your pattern is to doubt your self-limiting beliefs. Our beliefs shape our life. However, if you believe that you cannot do something, you would not able to do it.

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Most of the decisions we take unconsciously based on these beliefs. Therefore, if you have strong beliefs that you can do something, you will take positive action. If you have doubt that you cannot do, you will tend to avoid it by making excuses.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” ~ Tony Robbins

Our beliefs simply based on references and experiences of ourselves and other persons. We can find references to support or oppose our beliefs. It is essential to focus on the references or experiences to support the belief that you can do it.

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Create a Life you want:

Many of us just pass their life waiting for weekends and holidays. Why do not we seize every day? Why do not we live every day?

Do you have a sense of satisfaction and joy all day? Are you living a life you want? If not, it is time to take control of your life.

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You are born to live life your way. Your thoughts create your life. It is the time to nourish your thoughts. It is time to overcome the beliefs that are limiting you. Do not wait anymore. Take a step ahead. Do it now. You dream life is waiting you.

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At the Goodwill Charity, our mission goes beyond supporting people who are experiencing financial difficulties to also supporting people who need a push in the right direction. We offer motivational and emotional counselling to anyone who seeks it. Click here to read more.

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Our primary mission is helping people who suffer from the loss of their beloved but can’t afford funeral expenses due to unforeseen circumstances.

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